We deliver per DHL.


  • If one of the goods you ordered is not available, then we reserve the right to send you one of our high quality products at an equivalent price. Of course, this is subject to the 14-day return policy of those products. If you exercise your right of return, then we will pay the cost of returning.

Delivery/Retention of title / Complaints

  • If possible, everything should be delivered in a single package. If an item you ordered is not in stock, delivery may be delayed by a few days, due to the intent of shipping out a complete package.
  • Delivery dates are not binding and are subject to the timely delivery of our suppliers.
  • Goods/Products and the delivery invoice will remain under the ownership of ULTRA Energy Products GmbH until the full payment of all claims have been received. The usage rights of the products ordered are therefore only transferred upon full payment of the purchase price. The customer is not entitled to resell the goods purchased from ULTRA Energy GmbH until the full payment of the invoice is received.
  • If Ultra Energy Products GmbH fails to deliver the ordered goods for reasons that ULTRA Energy Products GmbH has no control over, particularly in cases of lawful situations, especially in strikes or lockouts, the customer will be given a reasonable extension, particularly in cases after the expiry of the grace period, the customer can withdraw from the contract. § 323 para. 2 BGB remains unaffected. A refund for the damage cause by delay can be requested in the case that ULTRA Energie Produkte GmbH acts with negligent fault. The maximum refund will be given equal to the ordered value.
  • Complaints due to damage or incomplete delivery must be made immediately, but no later than within eight days from the date of delivery to the customer, in writing to ULTRA raise energy GmbH.

Shipping information

Shipping information
Within Germany with orders up to 25,- € in worth 5,- €
Within Germany with orders atleast 25,- € in worth Free Shipping
Throughout Europe 8,- €